Weight Loss or Gain by Blood Type.

28 06 2009

“O” Blood Type

Weight Gain factors:

  • WHEAT GLUTEN  & CORN: interferes with insulin efficiency and slows metabolic rate
  • KIDNEY BEANS & NAVY BEANS: impairs calorie utilization
  • LENTILS: impairs proper nutrient metabolism
  • CABBAGE, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CAULIFLOWER: inhibits thyroid hormone
  • MUSTARD GREENS: inhibits thyroid hormone

Weight Loss Factors:

  • KELP, SEAFOOD, IODIZED SALT: increase thyroid hormone production through iodine food
  • LIVER” B-vitimin source and aids in efficient metabolism
  • RED MEAT, KALE, SPINACH, BROCCOLI – aids efficient metabolism

“A” Blood Type

Weight Gain factors:

  • MEAT – poorly digested and stored as fat, increase digestive toxins
  • DAIRY FOODS – inhibit nutrient metabolism, increases mucous secretions
  • KIDNEY BEANS, LIMA BEANS –interfere with digestive enzymes and slows metabolism
  • WHEAT (IN EXCESS) – inhibits insulin efficiency, impairs calorie utilization

Weight Loss Factors:

  • VEGETABLE OILS – aid digestion, prevent fluid retention
  • SOY FOODS – Aid digestion, metabolize quickly, optimize immune function
  • VEGETABLES- aid efficient metabolism and increase intestinal mobility
  • PINEAPPLE – increase calorie utilization and intestinal mobility

“B” Blood Type

Weight Gain Factors:

  • CORN, LENTILS, PEANUTS, SESAME SEEDS, BUCKWHEAT – hamper metabolic efficiency and cause hypoglycemia
  • CORN – also inhibits insulin efficiency
  • LENTILS – also inhibit proper nutrient uptake
  • PEANUTS – inhibit liver function
  • BUCKWHEAT – inhibits digestion
  • WHEAT – slows down digestion and metabolism, causes food to be stored as fat, not burned as energy and inhibits insulin efficiency.

Weight Loss Factors:

  • GREEN VEGETABLES, MEAT, LIVER, EGGS/ LOW FAT Dairy – aids efficient metabolism
  • Licorice Tea – counters hypoglycemia

AB” Blood Type

Weight Gain Factors:

  • RED MEAT – poorly digested, stored as fat, toxifies intestinal tract
  • KIDNEY BEANS. LIMA BEANS – inhibit insulin efficiency, cause hypoglycemia, slows metabolism
  • SEEDS, BUCKWHEAT – cause hypoglycemia
  • CORN –inhibits insulin efficiency
  • WHEAT – decreases metabolism, inhibits insulin efficiency, slows caloric burn

Weight Loss Factors:

  • TOFU, SEAFOOD, GREEN VEGETABLES – improve metabolic efficiency
  • DAIRY, KELP – improves insulin production
  • PINEAPPLE – aids digestion, stimulates intestinal mobility

Weight Loss Tip #2: Don’t Try To Lose Weight!

27 06 2009


Don’t try to lose weight. The number one indicator of excessive weight gain in the future is attempting to lose weight in the past. Don’t diet, it won’t last. Instead get up and go get more exercise. Try to change your life style.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Don’t Skip Breakfast.

22 06 2009

Results of a new American study showed that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most positive things you can do if you are trying to lose weight or if you want to maintain your weight after weight loss. Eating breakfast helps people manage both their hunger and food intake throughout the day. Breakfast skippers tend to gain weight.

Take action: A balanced breakfast includes fresh fruit or fruit juice, a high-fibre breakfast cereal, low-fat milk or yoghurt, wholewheat toast, and a boiled egg. Buy your fresh fruit today to start afresh tomorrow.