[9] Day Nine

Thursday, July 2, 2009

[9:09 AM] Woohoo! Tomorrow I will have accomplished my second goal! Well I slept splendidly last night, with no acid problem! If I were to have to whine about something, it would be the amount of time it took be to get to sleeping so splendidly! Though not as much as at the beginning of the fast, it did take about 30-40 minutes to get to sleep.. oh well! Let that be my only problem! I did have another dream last night – I was at a restaurant with my friends (Alessia and some other girl) and the waiter came to offer me a sample of a piece of meat.. it was on a fork! I was conscious that I was on the water fast, and though I panicked and considered his offer for a moment.. I quickly said that I can’t, because I am vegetarian! And that is when my dream ended. Quite an imagination!

[12:39 AM- at night] Way past my bedtime! Ha-ha. Well, I did go for my walk today, so I  just wanted to document this, and I slept for a good 3 hours in the afternoon, but other than that I felt fine. Time for bed- night!

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