[5] Day Five

Sunday, June 28, 2009


[4:15 AM] The worst night by far! I was feeling like I had to throw up (I was also curious what I would throw up if I did!) and just overall nauseated. I had to go lie down on the bed because I wasn’t able to stand up, and thought I would faint. The feeling lasted only a couple of seconds, and I got up a minute later to take a long bath. Throughout the night, that burning acidy feeling kept me, and I only managed to sleep ’till 4 o’clock. Though the days become bearable, the nights are the worst. I am glad I hit the first milestone and have made it to day five. Last night will in no way bring me down, and I am still very motivated to get through this. I have in fact lost some weight, especially in the stomach area, which is a plus I guess.

[1:35 PM] I did manage to get another 3 hours of sleep around 7 o’clock. I feel well, and my energy has improved since taking my morning shower. I am currently spitting into a bottle, because I suspect the acidity I am feeling is stomach acid, due to me swallowing too much saliva (which contains digestive enzymes, and because it has nothing to digest, it causes the acid to come back up my esophagus). I am not sure of this, it is just a theory, but from what I read, the same thing happens if you were to chew gum while water fasting, so I presume this is no different. Other than this, I am doing alright by far, waiting for my parents to get back from their vacation. I am curious as to what my father will say about my fasting decision, for I am sure my mother has told him by now.

[8:58 PM] Another long nap. Trying to get to sleep tonight should be fun! My parents got back, and my father took the news really good. I am happy. I have to learn not to get up too quickly! The world starts spinning tremendously when I do. Ha! Might take a little walk later. It’s nice out.

[12:08 AM] Well I am getting ready for bed. The acid burps have started again… I wonder why this happens only at night? Curious to see if my obsessive spitting will help. No bowel movement yet, but I did have a little blood come out of my rectum… if I had not read about how this is quite normal on a fast, I would have gotten very scared! Overall an O.K day, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Night!

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