[1] Day One

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[8:25 AM] Well it seems I have a couple of hard days ahead of me, having to deal with this so called “psychological hunger”. At this time I would usually be having breakfast. I am a big breakfast fan! So the next 14 mornings will be real tough. But I can manage. I have to manage, for myself and for my health. I guess I just drastically want to change something… something isn’t right. I have no energy, I don’t WANT to go out… I need to do this for me. Let the games begin!

[6:05PM] No hunger to this hour. None what’s-so-ever! The house smells of my grandmother’s cooking, and I got offered a chocolate bar by her a couple of hours ago, which I had absolutely no problem refusing. Must be that thing people call “motivation” at work. I have drank a lot of water.. almost 3 2L bottles, and have gone to the bathroom more times than I could count, but so far so good!

[7:44PM] Feeling a little lightheaded.

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