[6] Day Six

Monday, June 29, 2009

[7:59 AM] It took me forever to get to sleep last night, I am not even able to say at what hour I managed to do so. Once again I wake up before my alarm clock goes off. Damn these nights. Not a lot kept me up, I guess it was just mear energy. I did have some of those acidy burps, but not as many as the night before. Today is day six, and I am four days away from my next goal! It should all be down hill from there.

[8:57 AM] WooHoo! First bowel movement since day one! And here I was thinking it will never come! Gosh, look at me, getting all excited over a stool… the things fasting will do to you! Anyway, without going into too much detail (for your sake and mine) I will just say that it was the most faul thing I have ever experienced… I can not believe something like exists in me! I am ever so glad it’s out though… my stomach was rumbling like crazy throughout the whole process. Well, things are defiantly starting to look up. My tongue is even more heavily coated than yesterday, but that is a good sign. Oh, the wonders of water!

[3:59 PM] Well I managed to kick in a few more hours of sleep. Just woke up from a 4 hour nap, and I feel alright… going to take a shower from which I’m hoping to gain more energy. It’s hot out.

[9:22 PM] Just got in from taking a long bath after my afternoon walk, and I feel great! My back has been bothering me all day, especially my sholders, though they seem to have come to an ease now. Tomorrow I am planning on doing some sun bathing. Nine more days to go! Night.


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