[8] Day Eight

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[6:29 AM] Fell asleep pretty easy last night, and only twice did my acid problem occur. The alarm clock did wake me up this morning, and it was as irritating as I remembered it. I feel great this morning, and the fast is getting easier by the day. Last night I did have some fantasies about my steak eating days, lemon chicken, and our national dish “sarmale”, but I it was not long before sleep took over.

[4:42 PM] Well I came back from school a few hours ago, and the trip was very tiring! I came back and took a 2 hour nap, after which I did some sunbathing for 20 minutes. Current state: weak.

[8:33 PM] In the past 3 hours I: Cleaned out all my books, threw out everything I no longer needed, sorted threw all my papers, vacumed, and went for a walk. Pfeu! I just took a long steaming hot bath, and ended it with a cold shower. That just took all the energy I had left in me! Tomorrow I will sleep till my body wants me to. 7 days to go!

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