Key benefits of walnutswalnuts

Walnuts, like pecan nuts, are a source of the phytochemical, ellagic acid. They can lower cholesterol levels if eaten correctly. Walnuts help protect against heart disease and are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

How much walnuts should you eat?

Walnuts are high in calories and overconsumption of these could lead to weight gain. Like other nuts, five tablespoons per week can be eaten in the place of other high-fat foods.

Maximizing the benefits of walnuts

Walnuts should be eaten fresh, as they can go rancid fairly quickly. They are best eaten fresh from the shell, or alternatively relatively soon after purchase.

Nutritional values of walnuts

Calories 688
Fibre 3,5g
Omega 3 fats 7,5g
Potassium 450mg
Vitamin E 3,9mg
Selenium 8mcg
Per 100g


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