[4] Day Four

Saturday, June 29, 2009

[8:18 AM] I did wake up around 6:30-7:00 this morning, though I made myself stay in bed until 8. Again I had that acid feeling burning my throat, though it only happened twice, and I spit out a yellowish acidy substance (had enough yet?) But other than that, last night was alright. It did take me a while to fall asleep, even after the long bath, but I managed to do so around 12. Tomorrow I will have accomplished my first goal: “Make it to day 5” and I am very excited about that! It even seems do-able now, for I could not eat anything even if you payed me! I guess the only thing I really have to complain about is that my muscles are constantly sore, even though I sit around all day. And I just got a skin rash on my inner thigh… though this is a normal on a fast. Thankfully I have gotten no more headaches.

[4:55 PM] Got a little dizzy earlier, so I decided to lay down and read my book. That didn’t last long, for I fell asleep after a couple of pages. Slept from 1 o’clock to this hour, and now I feel OK… still a little tired and weak, but nothing beyond that. My mouth is constantly dry, and the white substance from my tongue just doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how much I brush my teeth. Brushing also seems to help me fight away food cravings, and I am using the “whitening tooth paste” so I guess I will have pretty white teeth by the end of this!

[8:32 PM] Just came back from my evening walk. I did go a little further today, and overall I feel really worn out. My brother and grandmother both agree that I have lost a lot of weight, though I hardly see a difference. Water is starting to taste really sweet… silly me, I even began speculating the idea of my grandmother putting sugar in the water to get some “calories” into me! :)) Gosh! She did say I am starting to look like a sick person, and continuously tells me to start eating. On another note, I have been having (for the past 2 nights) dreams about food. In my dreams I am eating something I should not, and then, after I am done the meal, start feeling bad for ruining my fast. When I wake up, I feel releieved that it was only a dream. Oh my. Anywho, I will be watching some t.v until 11 o’clock, followed by a long bath, then off the bed! Tomorrow I will have accomplished my first goal, and I am very excited! Night!

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