Bad Better Best
Water Water from tap Plastic bottled water
Evian, Poland Spring, Fuji Water
Distilled water
Low mineral spring water
Bottled in glass
Thee Black tea Herbal teas
Coffee Coffee
Decaffeinated coffee
Coffee replacer Raw “hot” chocolate milk
Soft Drinks Lemonade
Soft drinks
Fruit juices
Organic fresh juices
Flash pasteurized
Freshly squeezed juice:
Fruit juice
Orange Juice
Vegetable juices
Green powder juice
Juice fresh from juice bar
super foods
Coconut water (fresh)
Home made lemonade w stevia

One response

21 09 2009

What about a product that combines Gogi, Noni, Gac, Acia, Brown Seaweed, Mangosteen and Seabuckthorn? Maybe a great deal more to think about! One once per day gives you antioxidents,fiber, phytosterols, amino acids, betacarotenes, vitamins, trace minerals, Xanthones, folic acid, flavinoids, Carotenoids and so much more to provide ooptimal health even when your diet is limited. No fat, no cholesterol and 9 calories per serving. So easy and affordable. Check it out at and let me know what you think. Thanks.

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