Key benefits of almondsalmonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and are a useful source of calcium. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease and can also lower blood cholesterol levels.

How many almonds should you eat?

Almonds are high in monounsaturated fat and calories. Generally, between 25g and 50g are recommended, especially for the age group between 11 and 24 years. 100g of almonds provide almost one fifth of an adult’s daily calorie needs.

Maximizing the benefits of almonds

Unblanched almonds are the healthiest. If almonds need to be toasted, they can be gently heated in an ungreased frying pan for one to two minutes.

Nutritional values of almonds

Calories 612
Calcium 240mg
Fat 55,8 g
Iron 3mg
Potassium 780mg
Protein 21g
Vitamin E 24mg
Zinc 3,2mg
Per 100g fresh

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