The Ultimate Regime.

There are a lot of good diets out there, but I think the best lifestyle regime incorporates a little of every one. The following is what I consider, the Ultimate Regime.

Diana’s Ultimate Regime

  • Pescetarian- no meat, except for fish.
  • As for milk, drink only soy.
  • Eat mostly raw/organic food; no fried/ micro-heated food.
  • Food groups must not be combined (Legumes and salad being the exception-they can be eaten with anything except fruit)
  • Eat first thing when you wake up, every three hours after that and stop eating three hours before going to bed.
  • Meals must be between 200-300-400 calories.
  • Fast one day a week.
  • You can indulge in any type of “sin” food you want, going out for pizza with the gang, eating an ice cream sunday on a hot summer day ect.,  but no more than twice a month.

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