Weight Loss or Gain by Blood Type.

28 06 2009

“O” Blood Type

Weight Gain factors:

  • WHEAT GLUTEN  & CORN: interferes with insulin efficiency and slows metabolic rate
  • KIDNEY BEANS & NAVY BEANS: impairs calorie utilization
  • LENTILS: impairs proper nutrient metabolism
  • CABBAGE, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CAULIFLOWER: inhibits thyroid hormone
  • MUSTARD GREENS: inhibits thyroid hormone

Weight Loss Factors:

  • KELP, SEAFOOD, IODIZED SALT: increase thyroid hormone production through iodine food
  • LIVER” B-vitimin source and aids in efficient metabolism
  • RED MEAT, KALE, SPINACH, BROCCOLI – aids efficient metabolism

“A” Blood Type

Weight Gain factors:

  • MEAT – poorly digested and stored as fat, increase digestive toxins
  • DAIRY FOODS – inhibit nutrient metabolism, increases mucous secretions
  • KIDNEY BEANS, LIMA BEANS –interfere with digestive enzymes and slows metabolism
  • WHEAT (IN EXCESS) – inhibits insulin efficiency, impairs calorie utilization

Weight Loss Factors:

  • VEGETABLE OILS – aid digestion, prevent fluid retention
  • SOY FOODS – Aid digestion, metabolize quickly, optimize immune function
  • VEGETABLES- aid efficient metabolism and increase intestinal mobility
  • PINEAPPLE – increase calorie utilization and intestinal mobility

“B” Blood Type

Weight Gain Factors:

  • CORN, LENTILS, PEANUTS, SESAME SEEDS, BUCKWHEAT – hamper metabolic efficiency and cause hypoglycemia
  • CORN – also inhibits insulin efficiency
  • LENTILS – also inhibit proper nutrient uptake
  • PEANUTS – inhibit liver function
  • BUCKWHEAT – inhibits digestion
  • WHEAT – slows down digestion and metabolism, causes food to be stored as fat, not burned as energy and inhibits insulin efficiency.

Weight Loss Factors:

  • GREEN VEGETABLES, MEAT, LIVER, EGGS/ LOW FAT Dairy – aids efficient metabolism
  • Licorice Tea – counters hypoglycemia

AB” Blood Type

Weight Gain Factors:

  • RED MEAT – poorly digested, stored as fat, toxifies intestinal tract
  • KIDNEY BEANS. LIMA BEANS – inhibit insulin efficiency, cause hypoglycemia, slows metabolism
  • SEEDS, BUCKWHEAT – cause hypoglycemia
  • CORN –inhibits insulin efficiency
  • WHEAT – decreases metabolism, inhibits insulin efficiency, slows caloric burn

Weight Loss Factors:

  • TOFU, SEAFOOD, GREEN VEGETABLES – improve metabolic efficiency
  • DAIRY, KELP – improves insulin production
  • PINEAPPLE – aids digestion, stimulates intestinal mobility



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