[7] Day Seven

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[8:14 AM] I have not had so much energy in a long, long time! I feel great! Last night was one of the best nights as of yet. It took me an hour to get to sleep, but I did manage to sleep soundly, and the stomach acid only bothered me on two occasions. I woke up at 7 this morning, thinking it was almost 8! Great energy, hope I can keep it up throughout the day!

[1:50 PM] Just had another bowel movement, making it my third since I began the fast! This time it was more liquid based, could be the residue from yesterday. Still feeling high in energy and good overall.

[8:44 PM] I did manage to kick in some sunbathing earlier today, and I also went for my walk down by the lake. Tomorrow I have a long day ahead of me and I am really tierd. My nap today only laster 2 hours. Night!

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