The Raw Food Diet.

Eating in the Raw was written by supermodel Carol Alt who was once called one of the most beautiful women in the world. Now in her late forties she claims that she is at the healthiest, slimmest and most energetic that she has ever been due to changing her lifestyle to adopt a raw food way of eating.

After years of yo-yo dieting left her suffering with illness and mood swings, Alt decided she needed to take action. She embarked on a raw food diet under the guidance of naturopathic physician Dr. Timothy Brantley.

Alt describes how she achieved relief from a range of symptoms including fatigue, chronic headaches, sinusitis and digestive disorders by adopting a predominantly raw food diet. She wrote her book as a guide for beginners who wish to find out more about this style of eating.

Diet Basics

In line with the raw food philosophy Alt puts forth the concept that cooked foods are not what our bodies are designed for and that when we consume them they can cause addictions to unhealthy food and poor general health.

Dieters are advised to eat at least three meals daily without calorie counting or portion control but rather to as many eat raw foods as they like to the point of satisfaction. Each meal should contain a variety of raw foods and should include healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

There are no recommendations given regarding alcohol consumption as Alt gave up alcohol when she commenced her raw food lifestyle.

Recommended Foods

Carol Alt’s diet is not a 100% raw food plan, as she allows for the incorporation of some cooked food, however, she advises that most foods should be consumed raw.

In contrast to most raw food diets it is not a vegan diet plan as raw dairy products, along with eggs, fish, and meat are allowed.

Sample Diet Plan

Smoothie with banana. mango, pineapple and spirulina
Morning Snack
Raw nuts
Zucchini crackers with avocado and tomato
Raw hummus
Large green salad
Afternoon Snack
Peach lemonade
Tuna tartare
Raw ’spaghetti’ made with zucchini strips
Evening Snack
Banana tiramisu

Costs and Expenses

Eating in the Raw retails at $16.

Alt has also published a recipe book called The Raw 50, which retails at $17.

If dieters wish to create the recipes in the books it may be necessary to purchase a range of special equipment including a blender, juicer, coffee grinder, food dehydrator, vacuum storage machine and thermometers.

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