The 3 Hour Diet.

The 3 Hour Diet is a diet plan that was developed by Jorge Curise, a well known physical fitness expert. After discovering that he was 40 pounds overweight, Jorge decided to change his lifestyle to reach a healthy weight. To help accomplish his goal he developed the 3 Hour Diet.

The basic concept behind the diet is that a person should eat “the right foods” every three hours to help promote weight loss. The 3 hour diet website claims that a person loses weight because the diet stabilizes the blood sugar, the appetite is controlled and the diet provides a boost of energy. The diet also promises to help get rid of belly fat and promote the loss of up to 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks.

What is the 3 Hour Diet Plan?

  • You begin the diet first thing in the morning by eating breakfast within one hour of rising.
  • Throughout the day, you continue to eat every three hours.
  • You stop eating 3 hours before going to bed.

Key Components

  • Portion size is very important to help ensure you don’t go over your calorie limit.
  • Remember to keep your snacks to between 50 and 100 calories.
  • This diet does not restrict types of food. You are welcome to eat all your favorite foods.

The 3 Hour Diet Claims

  • This diet promises to increase your basal metabolic rate and keep your body burning fat and calories.
  • The diet increases your energy level allowing you to be more active.
  • The diet also guarantees to help reduce the belly-bulging hormone cortisol and help burn more belly fat.

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