[12] Day Twelve

Sunday, July 5, 2008

[8:48 AM] Well I slept exceptionally well last night, with no acid trouble or pain of any kind. My stomach did growl a little, and I started fantasizing about McDonald’s Mozzarella salad.. ha! I think cheese will be the hardest to give up. Today I’m off to church, and then hoping to sunbath a little since it’s so nice outside.

[11:53 PM] The trip to church and then to the city really took a lot out of me. I felt very low energy throughout the rest of the day, and had a long nap from 3 to 7. I have been having a lot of cravings lately, but the thought that I have just 3 more days left is keeping me strong. I cannot wait for this fast to be over! I did compose a post-fast meal plan for the next 4 days after I finish, and I am really going to try and stick to it! I will go to bed now… hopefully I will wake up with more energy for tomorrow.

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