[2] Day Two

Thursday, June 25, 2009

[7:00 AM] Well I had quite a tough night. My head was really hurting me, and it might have been from the fast but it was also raining really hard out, so it could have just as easily been that. I couldn’t get to sleep, and so I took a nice long bath. That did the trick – till 5 o’clock this morning! I have been up since then. I felt a little lightheaded as I was getting out of bed, but that feeling passed quick enough. My grandmother thinks I am crazy for doing this, and I know my mother isn’t sitting all too well with it either, but she is being supportive, and it is helping me a lot. Still very motivated, feeling no real cravings or pangs of hunger.

[9:35 AM] Feeling very good by far, no hunger and my head has stopped hurting. Quite a lot of energy.

[1:57 PM] I can’t really say I am hungry. I am almost done my 2L bottle of water, and I took a nice warm bath earlier. Looking forward to going for a walk later on tonight, when I gets a little cooler outside.

[4:46 PM] Well, I am now officially experiencing that “psychological/emotional hunger”. And here I thought it would never come. I am also feeling quite weak, and would go take a nap if it wasn’t for the fact that I am currently in a trade. Well, I will wait it out, along with my hunger.

[8:51 PM] Just woke up from my little nap. Don’t really feel like going for that walk, so I’ll just watch a little tv, then take a long bath, and start walking tomorroow. Feeling quick weak and heavy at the moment.

[11:22 PM] I’m getting a little acid down my throat now, and my urine is a pretty dark colour, despite the fact that I drank around 4L of water today. Planning on taking another long bath and going to bed.

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