[3] Day Three

Friday, June 26, 2009

[7:54 AM] Again a pretty rough night… A couple times I felt stomach acid coming up my throat. I did manage to get a few hours of sleep. Though I did not look at the clock I presume I slept from 1:30 to 7 this morning. Today my body should be in the “ketosis” stage, meaning it will start burning fat and all the toxins inside the fat from within my body. My tongue this morning was heavily coated, and my urine a prominent yellow. My grandmother told me yesterday that my grandfather’s doctor advised him to go water fasting, as he has a very bad heart problem. Gosh, what a coincidence! I am just glad she is no longer looking at me funny, and is actually starting to believe in that “healing power of fasting” I have been going on about.

[11:20 AM] Just took a hot shower, after throughoutly scrubbing my whole body with a body brush to better help my skin eliminate toxins. I am feeling very refreshed now, though I was quite weak prior to taking the shower. No hunger as of yet, and according to the many articles I have read on the subject, I should not experience any until the fast is over. A great day as of yet.

[5:28 PM] No hunger felt to this hour, though I do find myself fantasizing quite a bit about food! The funny thing is, I fantasize about healthy food… ha! I can’t wait to try seaweed… I just wrote an article about it and it sounds really healthy and good. No bowel movement today, though I happen to spit out a sour substance along with my saliva twice. My muscles also feel funny. Other than that, it has been an alright day by far. I am planning to go for a short walk after 8, and tomorrow morning I am going to walk to the convenience store, to buy some more water. 2L so far and it’s not even 6!

[8:03] I was having real strong cravings earlier, so I decided to go for I walk. I took my dog down by the lake and just walked around there for a bit. It was pleasent. I will now go and watch some t.v, then take my long evening bath and go to bed. I did not nap at all today, so I am hoping I’ll fall asleep easier. Night!

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