Plant Oils vs. Fish Oils

29 06 2009

It’s been surmised for a long time that people whose diet is based largely on fish and is rich in Omega-3 EFAs have lower rates of heart disease. This led researchers to investigate whether giving fish to people who had already suffered a heart attack would prevent them from having another attack.

The two largest studies conducted were the DART(1) and GISSI(2) trials, which both used fish-based Omega-3 fats. The results were positive, both studies showing a reduced risk. However, a much less publicized study was the LYON(3) trial, which used plant oils as a source of Omega-3 fats. The results showed that plant oils reduced the risk of a secondary heart attack by at least twice that of fish oils!

Comparing these three main trials shows that:

  • plant oils are far more effective than fish oils in reducing the chance of cardiac death in high-risk patients;
  • plant oils reduce the risk of dying from secondary heart attack by more than double that of fish oils;
  • plant oils reduce the number of painful, non-fatal heart attacks;
  • there are long-term survival benefits from consuming plant oils.

In addition, we have been so successful at spreading pollution that environmental contamination is widespread and all oceans now contain toxic chemicals. Mercury, organophosphates, PCBs, dioxins, and radioactive pollution are all highly toxic to life. Fatty foods have a tendency to “soak” up toxins and so oily fish are particularly prone to absorbing them.

In summary, plant oils are a far healthier source of the essential fats we need, halve the risk of heart disease compared with fish oils and are much less likely to be contaminated with harmful chemicals or turn rancid, making them the ideal choice for “good fats” to consume for optimal health.




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