Where To Find Raw Food Products.

26 06 2009

Starting and succeeding on an uncooked diet means that you will need to invest in raw food products to help you in your journey. Here are a few tips on how to find the best resources for your raw food products to make sure your diet is a success.

The first thing you want to look at when analyzing a raw food product is its ingredients. You want to make sure it is free from synthetic additives. You want all the ingredients to be as natural as possible. This usually means that the supermarket is not the best place to find what you need.

If you have a local farmers market that is the best place to find your raw food products. They carry the freshest variety of fruits and vegetables possible because you are buying directly from the grower’s themselves.

If you have a small time neighborhood grocer you may find higher quality produce that what the big chain stores carry. Check with them to see what organic produce they carry.

Also check online. There are a plenty of places to find organic raw produce and food online. One such place is Raw Food on Amazon. They carry plenty of yummy raw and organic foods.

High quality raw foods are not to difficult to find as long as you know where to look.



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27 08 2009
Derek Levisohn

Read your post! Hope this info is informative or just confirms what you already know.

* Cacao (Unprocessed Cocoa Powder) helps in Weight Control *

I did not quite believe my health conscious Mom & Sister who told me that consuming raw & natural unprocessed cocoa powder controls weight gain.

You may be interested to learn that healthy chocolate can help you lose weight! Cacao (Unprocessed cocoa powder) has appetite-suppressant properties, cocoa is often added to weight loss products to help control hunger.

Much of today’s common diet is comprised of empty calories. If the body is not receiving the nutrients it needs, it produces the urge to eat more. Unprocessed cocoa powder, on the other hand, provides the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs, thus decreasing the urges for added “fuel”.

Also, Cacao is an excellent source of fiber, which blocks fat absorption, creates a feeling of fullness and is associated with decreased weight.

In addition, Cacao increases the body’s endorphin levels, which naturally decreases the need to eat high-sugar, high-fat foods. The “high” one gets from the dark chocolate supersedes any enjoyment one might get from eating, so the focus shifts to eating for nutrition rather than pleasure

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* Consuming Cold Press Chocolate
Cooking largely deplete nutrients and create free radicals. Free radicals cause diseases. Eating a healthy diet consisting of antioxidants can reverse or stop the onslaught of chronic diseases like heart problems and cancer.

Say good-bye to the common cough, cold and flu that you might suffer from when the seasons change. You’ll receive health benefits directly related to the following if you consume the USDA recommended minimum 3,000 ORAC per day:

– Reducing Oxidative Stress
– Reducing the Risk of Cancer
– Diabetes
– Anti-Aging
– Detoxification
– Healthy Heart
– Stronger Immune System
– Immune System Balancer
– Improved Circulation
– More Energy
– Weight Loss
– Improved Sleep Cycle
– Better Mental Health
– Healthier Skin
– Better Digestion

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* Antioxidants Makes You Look Younger
The nutrient in the antioxidants enhance Detoxification of toxins, pollutants, chemicals, etc. and regenerates mitochondria at the cellular level, giving you energy. The result is a clearer and glowing complexion, making you look refreshed, energized and younger.

* Healthy Chocolate Makes you Spend Less & Save More
Now that you are eating less and healthier, you’ll need less time in the kitchen, less time shopping, spend less on food, etc.

You will use less gas and electricity while preparing food. The money you save alone on going to Starbucks, Jamba Juice and ineffective vitamin supplements saves you a lot of money. By purchasing my healthy chocolate your wallet has nothing to lose and your health has everything to gain.

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According to Richard Cutler, M.D., Director of Anti-aging Research, National Institute of Health “The amount of antioxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.”

The multiple antioxidant benefits are important to realize, because antioxidants are an Immune System Balancer. The multiple benefits are directly related to the different vitamin and nutrient deficiencies from person to person.

I strongly encourage you to consume antioxidants daily. Whether you purchase healthy chocolate from me or someone else.. whether you consume antioxidants through other foods and beverages is your choice of course. I just want you to do it. It will lead to healthy living.

One thing to note about my healthy chocolate is Xoçai (“sho-sigh”) is the only healthy chocolate maker in the world. They’re also the only chocolate maker that has a certified ORAC stamp. 

Xoçai healthy chocolate is certified by Brunswick Labs, which is endorsed by the USDA and the leader in antioxidant testing of nutritional products.

The stamp value confirms that Xoçai healthy chocolate has the highest level of antioxidants, per 100 grams, than any other super food known on the planet. It tastes better than any Belgian candy chocolate out on the shelves today. Try it for a month, you’ll be happy you did.

I love helping people and I can’t wait to hear your great stories!

I wish you good health and many blessings. – Derek

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