Raw Food Bars vs. Energy Bars

26 06 2009

Not only are raw food bars highly nutritious, they actually taste good! They are made from uncooked food sources.

You can pick up these organic raw food bars in a variety of different flavors from chocolate to blueberries. They are a viable alternative to candy bars, even for people who are not following a 100% raw diet. Instead of feeling worn out and tired after eating one, they can help you to feel energized and satisfied. This is because they are easy on your body and your digestive system.

You got to realize that most of the energy bars on the market today that are advertised as ‘Healthy’ are really anything but. They are full of processed ingredients and refined sugar. You may feel full for a little while, but you end up hungrier than you were before once the sugar high crashes.

On the other hand the raw food bars have no strange ingredients, no preservatives and nothing in there that shouldn’t go in your body.

These bars have never been heated like other energy bars have. They go through a preparation method known as ‘cold processing.’ This means it is not heated above 104 degrees in order to keep the enzymes in tact. They also use natural sweeteners such as honey or fruit nectar.

Many of these bars use hemp as the base. It is rich in the essential amino acids a person requires, along with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. These raw food bars are a healthy tasty treat that is definitely better than the sugary ones so many people use to energize themselves.




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