Aloe Ferox vs. Aloe Vera

26 06 2009

Derived from the Latin name of ‘wild Aloe’ is Aloe Ferox. Aloe Ferox is from the same family as the more popular Aloe Vera and is indigenous to South Africa.

Ferox is physically a much stronger plant than Vera. It is much larger in size and the leaves are almost impossible to break by hand. The middle of the plant is equally robust.

Unlike the more common Vera plant, Ferox is never cultivated. The Ferox plant grows wild and only the lower leaves are ever harvested.

The plant is neither irrigated nor treated with pesticides or insecticides. Containing three times as many polysaccharides as Aloe vera, this plant is so strong that its survival is sustained through the strength of its own immune system.

In addition, it also contains around 160 different secondary plant substances, such as iso, bio flavinoids and aloiside. Research shows that secondary plant substances can have an anti bacterial and anti mycotic (anti fungal) effect. The proportion of amino acids (proteins) is 2 to 1 in comparison with Aloe Vera. It also contains considerably more iron and calcium.832395b





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