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25 06 2009

What’s The Best Drinking Water

The quality of the fluids we drink is imperative to good health, and the health benefit of water is directly related to it’s quality.

When you’re on a healthy diet, you know the health benefit of water. Clean, pure, alkaline water, with the right pH and structure.

So clean, alkaline waters is best. This still leaves many options. Distilled water? Spring Water? Rain Water? A water filter? And then, not all experts agree.

Here are some of the world’s leading experts on raw food and clean water and their opinions of what they found is the best water for consumption: David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, and Briant Clement.

  • David Wolfe, world’s no 1 raw food teacher, uses spring water.
  • Brian Clement, leader of the Hypocrates Health Institute, is in favor of the living water system and distilled water.
  • Gabriel Cousens uses distilled water, and reveals his secret tricks to make this the best drinking water.

Gabriel’s Water Recipe

Given the pollution in the world, use distilled water. But distilled water by itself is aggressive and immature. To solve this you take a gallon of distilled water, add a pinch of salt or 12 drops of active ionic alkaline minerals, so that you get about 50 parts per million. This way you create H3O, the best water there is. With 50 parts per million, you don’t have the aggressive pulling out of minerals out of the body.

Then you structure your liquid by putting it out in the moonlight overnight. The moon structures water, not the sun. Then you bless it and you have good quality. Crystal energy from micro crystals is another alternative to structure it.

So first you heat the fluid and take out all the herbicides and pesticides, and destroy all the homeopathic pattern of the herbicides and pesticides. Then you restructure it with salt, crystal energy, moonlight and by blessing it.





One response

23 08 2009

I think everyone should try to find a free local spring nearby for the best water ever. I just discovered one at http://www.findaspring.com near my place in Seattle, WA. Amazing, clean, safe and cool water…100% free!

Posted some pics of the spring I go to and more info on my blog here:


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