Protein Powder vs. Protein Rich Food.

25 06 2009

Whey protein is now the most popular protein supplement, and is touted for having the highest biological value. This basically means that it is more easily broken down by our bodies than animal or vegetable proteins, and therefore quickly provides your muscle cells with the nutrients it needs after a workout. The reason for this is that whey protein is higher in essential amino acid and BCAA (branch-chain amino acids)s. It can also be a better source of protein for those of you wanting to lose body fat, because it is generally lower in fat and carbs then most whole food counterparts. Furthermore, whey uniquely contains certain aminos, which create a very powerful intracellular anti-oxidant called glutathione.

It is far easier to drink a protein shake than to buy, prepare, cook and eat poultry, fish or egg whites, particularly if you are at work or on the go. We all know that eating small, frequent meals is the best way to eat, whether you are aiming for muscle gain or fat loss, but for many people, eating this frequently is virtually impossible.




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